Keep Windows Start menu organized


  • Categorizes Start Menu automatically
  • Customizable templates


  • Template editor is difficult to use
  • No drag and drop
  • Poorly documented

Not bad

When you install dozens of programs a week as we do, your Start menu is doomed. But you don't need to go that further: after having installed a few applications, Windows Start menu is already so messed up that it ends up being completely useless.

This is when a tool like Smoz comes in handy. This program organizes all the shortcuts in the Start menu into several default categories which cover the basic kinds of software: Internet, Multimedia, Office, Programming and so on. You can create new categories and use the built-in editor to edit the template.

The idea behind Smoz is really good. It saves you the time and pain involved in rearranging your Start menu manually. On the downside, the program is not as intuitive as it should be. You can't drag and drop links on its interface to create new links, and the template editor is really complicated. I looked for some tips in the Help menu but I only got redirected to the Smoz homepage.

Smoz helps you organizing your Start menu and makes it easier to use

SMOz (Start Menu Organizer) is a program that can help you keep your Windows start menu organized.

SMOz categorizes the items in the start menu according to a template file which can be easily modified to fit your needs. A sample template file in included in the release. A template file consists of categories and values (similar to ini files). Files/Directories that match value, which can be simple text or a regular expression, are moved to directories specified on categories. This keeps your start menu clean with out the pain of manually organizing it every time you re-install windows.




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